Friday, April 07, 2006

Don't Podcast This Poem

Please don’t Google me now
don’t invite me into your MySpace group
your Friendster network
your iChat, blog or wiki
don’t email me, text message me, and
please don’t leave your number on my phone.
Don’t send me your Flickr photos, your iTunes playlist
your YouTube videos, your links
Don’t send your avatar to dance with my avatar
on Second Life, don’t map my house
on Mapquest or post your sonograms of junior
to the web. Don’t invite me to open a Yahoo group,
an eBay account, an eHarmony profile;
don’t talk of cascading style sheets, PHP, of drop-down menus
streaming media, and user interfaces—
eDiets can have your RSS feed. No
your face is what I want, between these hands
so I can look into your eyes and hear
your breath, and smell your skin
feel your heartbeat on my cheek
tangle your eyebrows in mine
and rub noses like Eskimos
f2f 4ever.


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